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Commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), Gen. John Campbell, right, and ISAF Gen.
Hans-Lothar Domrose attend a ceremony at the ISAF headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan, Sunday, Dec. 28, 2014.

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War Is Over! If You Want It?
By Ernest Stewart

"But they're always afraid of pulling out. That's their big problem, y'know? Pull out? Doesn't sound manly to me, Bill. I say leave it in there and get the job done! Cause that is, after all, what we're doing to that country, right?" ~~~ George Carlin

Yippee; let the parades begin! Our longest war is over! Except, of course, it isn't! On Sunday much ado was made about America and our NATO fellow travelers pulling out of Afghanistan. As George Carlin once said about pulling out of Vietnam, another war that we lost, "Pull out? Doesn't sound manly to me, Bill. I say leave it in there and get the job done!" But for all the hawks, whether Demoncrat or Rethuglican, don't worry, we're not really pulling out and neither is NATO!

You may recall back in late September, the U.S. and Afghanistan signed a controversial Bilateral Security Agreement that allows for U.S. to stay in Afghanistan for at least another ten years! And while the Sunday ceremony marked the end of the U.S.-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), a new flag for the international mission "Resolute Support" was immediately unfurled. You may recall that this was accomplished by getting one of our new puppets elected in a highly illegal "election." So don't worry Johnny McCain, we'll be there murdering innocents and getting our own children killed at least through the decade to come.

When I pointed this out to a group on Facebook the other day, I got a response from an Obamabot, not refuting my statement, as it's hard to refute the truth, but saying, "You need to do something with that face of yours. Your bitterness shows in you ugly face..." No, I'm not the blonde-haired, blue-eyed, red bearded cutie-pie I was at 25; hell, Facebook says I'm 109 years old; but it is typical of what comes your way when you dare to point out the truth. Being a soothsayer does have its drawbacks, especially when most folks would much rather hear a happy lie, we're leaving Afghanistan, than to hear the truth, we're staying!

As "Stars and Stripes" set the scene in Kabul:
"During an hour-long ceremony in a drab gymnasium at the headquarters of the military coalition that has battled against insurgents for 13 years, generals hailed the end of a mission, while struggling to explain the parameters of what will still be a substantial military operation in Afghanistan.

There will still be roughly 11,000 American troops in Afghanistan next year as part of the Resolute Support mission to train, advise and assist Afghanistan's roughly 350,000 security forces. ISAF spokesman Lt. Col. Christopher Belcher told Stars and Stripes that there would be a total of roughly 17,500 foreign troops in Afghanistan next year, which the publication notes is "far more than the 12,000-13,000 U.S. and NATO officials have been saying would be part of Resolute Support. Belcher could not say where those additional troops would be coming from nor when or why the decision was made to increase their number."
Not to mention the several mercenary armies we'll be employing to pick up the slack -- not only in Afghanistan, but in Iraq too, which you may know, are both made up of former US military vets.
So, our longest war will continue on and on and on until our treasury is gone -- so that Wall Street can make another trillion or two from our children, and their victim's, misery. The endless wars go on and on; but it doesn't have to be that way! As John and Yoko once sang, "War is over! If you want it?" Well, do you want it, America?


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