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Obama's Penultimate State Of The Union Speech
By Ernest Stewart

How can you tell when a politician is lying? Their lips are moving! ~~~ Anonymous

Another year, another State Of The Union Address. No, I didn't watch it on the tube. I never watch political speeches. I have a nice TV and I know that at some point during the speech I'd be tempted to pick up a brick and hurl it through the screen; and I'm so broke I'd never be able to replace it; so I go and read it online the next day -- as I just did. That way it's just words on paper (well, the screen) and the effect is easier to swallow, far less emotional, appealing to my logical, and not my emotional side.

Pretty words, no doubt; and I'll admit I agreed with 99% of what Barry said. Trouble is, what was said for a large part was a lie, or, at best, a half truth. To judge by the amount of cheers and applause he got from both sides of the aisle, you'd think Con-gress was behind him 100%; but we both know that all Rethuglicans and some Democrats hate his guts; so, seeing shouldn't be believing; so again, reading is more factual than watching. To watch it, go to here, and to read it, go to here.

On one hand, the Obamabots will believe every word of it, even if they know it's not true; and the other side won't believe a single word, even if they know that it's true; while the non-voting majority don't give a rat's ass about politics, too busy, too much to do, or what's the point. What's the point, indeed? My new Sin-ator, (Gary Peters) who campaigned as a man of, and for, the people, just joined my other Sin-ator (Debbie Stabenow) in voting to keep unneeded corpo-rat wellfare in place; both are Demoncrats, by the way, as were the ten other Demoncrats who joined all of the Rethuglicans in voting for their corpo-rat masters. I wonder, don't you, if Barry will whip out his veto pen and stop it? You may recall Barry said he'd close all the corpo-rat loopholes, and see that the one percent payed their fair share. If I were you, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Barry to do the right thing on this or most other things.

It seems Barry is suddenly aware of his legacy -- how he will be remembered by History. Being remembered as a war-mongering, mass murderer, not to mention being a tool of the banksters, the insurance goons, and other one per centers, and in some respects, worse than Smirky, is, I'm sure, not what he has in mind. You may recall back in 2009 and 2010 when he had majorities in both Houses he could've gotten whatever he wanted to do to make America a better place. Now with the Rethuglicans controlling both Houses, his chance of getting anything for the people through both Houses is next to nothing. Instead, he wasted that time kowtowing to the banksters, and insurance goons, making up his cabinet with far right wingers, granting not so much as lip service to any liberal elements of his own base. Instead of help, we got his hatred of "profession leftists." He had the chance to become America's best President, instead of what he became. For example, instead of supporting equal rights for gay folks, Barry was against them, until the polls and various state legislatures came out in favor of having equal rights for everyone. Barry, the pot smoker, was against pot, even medical marijuana, until the people and the states came out in favor. Etc. etc. etc.. Barry seems, at best, a follower, not a leader. Try as he might, the leopard cannot change his spots, nor his legacy.


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