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With Trump, America Got Exactly What It Deserves
By Ernest Stewart

"Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But, I repeat myself." ~~~ Mark Twain

There's a sky full of chickens coming home to roost and it's nobody's fault but our own. The Democrats blame the Greens for Trump but they have no one to blame but themselves by pushing Hilary on us, a known evil, against an unknown evil, which turned out to be much worse than Hilary. Yes, Bernie would have won hands down but Bernie never had a chance as the fix was in for Hilary from before the campaign began, and didn't that work out fine?

Since Ray-Guns the Presidency has been in a downward spiral, finally hitting rock bottom with Trump. Ray-Gun was awful, but not as bad as George. Who was far worse than Ronnie, but not as bad as Slick Willie, who was worse than George but not as bad as Dubya, who made things much worse than Clinton, but as terrible as he was, wasn't as bad as Barry who took all of Dubya's acts of treason as his own and then made them worse, which brings us to the Donald who, before too long, will will make us a third world country!

Trouble is, you can't really blame the Democrats as Hilary actually won the election by some 3 million votes, but thanks to Hamilton and the founding fathers who made sure that the rich and the powerful could speak for all and make the rules with the help of Alexander Hamilton's bright idea of the Electoral College, to protect the slave holders like Washington and Jefferson big bank books.

Still, we can't even blame the Electoral College either as even it could have been stymied if another group of Americans had stepped forward. The folks you have to thank for the Trumpster are the majority of American's who didn't bother to vote. Too busy to many important things to do. Sure had everybody voted Trump could have picked up more votes but remember that the Republicans are but 25% of the vote. Yet they now have all three sections of the government in their tiny little hands and can do what ever they want. Thanks non-voters, what happens next is on your head!

In just the first three days Trump has given the go-ahead for those two pipelines, the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the Keystone XL pipeline, which will carry the very dirty Canadian oil to ships waiting to take it to China and if our ground water is destroyed for about a quarter of our population, too bad. What about the tribes? Well Trump just gave Israel a nod to their 'final solution' of their Indian problem, so you can imagine what he'll do to the tribes. Trumps going to build his wall, not to keep Mexicans out but to keep us trapped in for the games to come. Scientists who work for us; in various agencies, can no longer report their findings to us to warn us of the nightmares to come. Of course, because Trump lost the popular vote, there's to be a big investigation into voter fraud. I'm guessing they won't go into all the Republican controlled states that suppressed, black, Latino and the elderly vote. No, it will be to find some scape goats in the ilegal aliens that couldn't vote or perhaps the Muslim voters that could. Speaking of which, there will be a temporary ban on refugees, as well as the end to sanctuary cities, where refugees from Syria and Middle Eastern countries have found refuge not to mention to all the undocumented refugees from south of the border. Oh, and next week he'll annouce his pick for the Extreme Court, my guess is it might be, Darth Vader! Did I mention that Donnie wants to bring back waterboarding and other tortures because they work! Methinks that perhaps those golden showers must have short circuited his brain, which would explain a lot, wouldn't it? Did I mention that Donnie has the lowest approval rating of any President in his first week of office since they started polling that in 1953? Stay tuned, America, the worst is yet to come.

And finally, some good news, on February 3rd I'm bringing back Issues & Alibis the magazine! I shut it down 2 1/2 years ago after a 14 year run so that I could finish some books I started writing before the 12/12/2000 coup d'etat went down. Had to check them off my bucket list. I finished two of them and I am half a short story from finishing the third. Next, I'll be working on "Notes From The American Underground" a collection of my columns from Issues And Alibis and other publications, that I can do in my 'spare time.' So, hang in there, hope is on the way!


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(c) 2017 Ernest Stewart a.k.a. Uncle Ernie is an unabashed radical, author, stand-up comic, DJ, actor, political pundit and for 14 years was the managing editor and publisher of Issues & Alibis magazine. Visit me on Facebook. Follow me on Twitter.

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