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So How Do You Like The Siberian Express Boston?
By Ernest Stewart

"Siberian Express is a meteorological term in the United States describing the arrival of an extremely cold air mass of Siberian origins. It does specifically refer to an origin in Siberia. The term is most commonly employed by the news media when such a frigid air mass moves into areas where it is relatively unusual, such as the Deep South or Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Meteorologically, it is typically associated with a phenomenon called the Pacific-North American teleconnection pattern (PNA)." ~~~ Wikipedia

So, how do you like the Siberian express so far, New England? The bitter cold temps from the mid-west to the deep south are being caused by global warming. Instead of staying around the pole, warm water and air from the Pacific Ocean is stirring things up in the Arctic -- like those late hurricanes did last year, causing the polar vortex.

For all of you science-challenged folks, i.e., climate change deniers, here's the very simple explanation, thermodynamics. It's colder than normal in some places because warmer than normal air is pushing the jet stream East. Normally, those temperatures would be confined to the Northern Plain states. It's snowing more than usual because a warmer than normal ocean and the air above it cause more moisture in the air, which is then dumped as snow when it's carried North. Overall, on average, this winter has been warmer than normal in most places around the world. Fourteen of the hottest years on record were in the last 15 years, and 2014 was the hottest year on record. This doesn't mean just your street or town; it means on average across the globe.

I realize that some of you still won't get it. You've been programmed by big oil, big coal and their political stooges not to believe in science or its theories. Perhaps I could make a believer out of you? We could, for example, test the theory of gravity. You and your non-believer friends could all go to the roof of the tallest building in your town and all join hands and jump off and see if gravity exists or if your fearless leaders, the Koch brothers, are right about science. Yes, America, there are some folks that are dumb enough to go and do that; but so what? If I can assist Mankind by weeding out the morons and keep them from breeding and producing even dumber children, I'm sorry, but I don't see a problem? As we are no longer facing lions and tigers and bears (oh my), how else can we safely thin out the herd? It beats an endless war; does it not?

The good news is that spring is just a few weeks away; the bad news is it'll soon bring an overabundance of thunderstorms, tornadoes in some spots, another year of drought, fires, and duststorms in other areas of America. Probably worse than what we had last year, as the climate continues to heat up.

For example, research on global warming in Antarctica confirmed that its glaciers were losing their mass at an "unusually rapid" rate. Satellite pictures taken between 1992 and 1996 showed that the Pine Island Glacier lost thickness at a rate of 1.6 meters per year.

Research done by the British Antarctic Survey revealed that the average rate over the last 4,700 years was only 3.8 centimeters a year. In other words, the glacier was losing mass at a rate 42 times faster than the average over the preceding 4,700 years. Oh, and I might add, since 1996 that rate has doubled.

Ergo, might it not be a good time to shut down the coal, oil and nuclear plants, and go green on energy production? The sun and wind send us more energy in a day than we can use in a year, if we could capture it. Nor do they cause climate warming or leave poisons behind that could kill us for the next 250,000 years. So, you can keep supporting the Koch brothers and their 1% pals, and learn how to tread water for a very, very, very long time, or make sure your Con-gressional critters start voting to save us -- instead of killing us. Could you take the time to do that, America?


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