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The New Ice Age, Or, The No Ice Age?
By Ernest Stewart

"All told, 170 elected representatives in the 114th Congress have taken over $63.8 million from the fossil fuel industry that's driving the carbon emissions which cause climate change. They deny what over 97 percent of scientists say is happening - current human activity creates the greenhouse gas emissions that trap heat within the atmosphere and cause climate change. And their constituents are paying the price, with Americans across the nation suffering 500 climate-related national disaster declarations since 2011." ~~~ Tiffany Germain

The global warming deniers seem to be out in force lately; and I'm guessing that not all of them have been bought and paid for by the 1% polluters --most, surely -- but, not all. Most of the doubters are being led by some rat-wing morons that're shucking and jiving for big oil, coal, frackers and the like. That still leaves some that are too stupid to believe their own lying eyes. One of my favorite groups of these morons are the It's-not-getting-warmer, but-we're-about-to-be-frozen-to-death-in-the-New-ice-Age group! It boggles the mind!

For example, in February, record high temperatures in the Arctic brought with them other records, including record lows for that month's 'extent and area' of Arctic sea ice. Which, you may remember, is hell on polar bears and other Arctic life!

Until this year, the previous records for sea ice extent and area for February were set in 2011. Moreover, the total volume of the Arctic sea ice, which many scientists see as the most important factor determining the health of Arctic sea ice, reached its second-lowest level ever recorded that same month. According to scientists, the record low for sea ice volume was set in 2012 -- a record that could fall this year or next. You may also recall that March of 2012 brought record high temperatures to the Midwest; in Michigan, we had, for over a week, temps in the upper 80s and lower 90s. Not March-like weather at all!

An anthropogenic climate disruption, or, (ACD) continues to outpace most of the worst-case predictions given by scientists; the melting happening in the north provides us with one of the most iconic examples of what our fossil fuel-based economy is costing the planet. But hey, cheer up, that Northwest passage they've been looking for for hundreds of years is about to become a reality!

According to the folks at NASA, "the Arctic was a shocking 18 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than normal for the month of February, which was one of the key factors driving the new low records for sea ice."

February in the Arctic was so warm, ("How warm was it, Johnny?") that it was the single-largest recorded monthly "temperature anomaly" (a deviation from the 1951-1980 averages) ever. February saw a 2.4 degree Fahrenheit deviation, and the previous record deviation (set in January) was 2 degrees Fahrenheit. I wonder what March's weather will reveal?

Providing more disturbing context for the warming trends, The Weather Channel noted, "The five largest monthly global warm anomalies in NASA's database have all occurred within the past five months." So much for your ice age theories!

And the trends for Arctic sea ice continue in the wrong direction. Sea ice data provided by the Polar Science Center even indicated that, during some days in March so far, sea ice volume measurements briefly reached record lows. By early March, volume totals were already reaching the second-lowest volume ever recorded.

Since January, Arctic temperatures have been in record, or near-record warm ranges. The warmth has resulted in the warmest winter temperatures ever occurring for the entire region above the 80 degrees north latitude line.

In Canada's Fort Yukon, a small Native community just inside the Arctic Circle, people are describing a situation where the Arctic has been "robbed of its winter. To put it in context: I tell people to imagine what if Los Angeles was 60 degrees warmer than it was supposed to be -- because Fort Yukon is 60 degrees warmer than it's supposed to be."

Warm winds from the North Atlantic have been blowing warmer temperatures up into the Arctic off and on through the winter (one factor contributing to the melting of the sea ice), and current longer-range scientific modeling predicts that above-average sea surface and air temperatures will continue through the spring and into the summer.

Given that the Arctic does not produce warmer temperatures itself, it is clear that ACD is causing the warmer temperatures to be introduced into the region from outside. Does anyone remember that dinosaurs roamed around in Alaska and Northern Canada once upon a time?

Hence, the stage is set for the melt season in the Arctic to likely break more records. The area's sea ice may even be poised to create its own feedback loop of melting this summer in a way that resembles Greenland's: "Scientists recently showed how melting in Greenland has already caused the melting to feed on itself and generate even more melting.

"Unfortunately, the feedback loop process that is besetting Greenland also applies more generally to ACD, and is behind the melting of the Arctic ice. Many scientists now believe that with all of these feedback loops in motion, intensified melting in the Arctic and Greenland -- and the corresponding sea level rise -- will likely be inevitable."
So for all you coastal folks from Maine to Florida I might pose the question, "How Long Can You Tread Water?"


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