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Global Warming According To James
By Ernest Stewart

"I think we ignore James Hansen at our peril." ~~~ Professor Michael Mann, climate scientist

Some call him the greatest climate scientist of our time, I'll leave that decision up to you. I refer, of course, to former NASA scientist, Dr. James Hansen. You may recall Dr. Hansen has been making climate predictions since the 1980s; and all of them have proved to be accurate. For example in 1988, he told the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee that human activity was responsible for 99 percent of global warming! 28 years later, and what was heresy back then, is now seen to be the gospel!

In a study published Tuesday in the European journal "Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Hansen shocked scientists again with a climate change assumption that challenges the status quo. Hansen and his 18 co-authors explained in their study that:
"The economic and social cost of losing functionality of all coastal cities is practically incalculable. We suggest that a strategy relying on adaptation to such consequences will be unacceptable to most of humanity; so, it is important to understand this threat as soon as possible. Limiting global temperatures increase to 2 degrees Celsius above the preindustrial level is not enough. Because the last time the Earth warmed by this much - 120,000 years ago - the consequences were disastrous.

"First, our conclusions suggest that a target of limiting global warming to 2 C, which has sometimes been discussed, does not provide safety.

Second, our study suggests that global surface air temperature, although an important diagnostic, is a flawed metric of planetary 'health,' because faster ice melt has a cooling effect for a substantial period."

Third, not only do we see evidence of changes beginning to happen in the climate system, as discussed above, but we have also associated these changes with amplifying feedback processes. There is a possibility, a real danger, that we will hand young people and future generations a climate system that is practically out of their control. We conclude that the message our climate science delivers to society, policymakers, and the public alike is this: we have a global emergency."
What initially woke me up to environmental changes was Rachel Carson's 'Silent Spring' that I read in High School. You may recall it was a dire warning about the effects on spraying our crops with chemicals that had the additional benefit of wiping out bird populations! Exactly like we're doing today with the bee populations; again poisoning them with various chemical compounds. Or like our current fascination of poisoning our water supply with various fracking chemicals. So, by the time that the first Earth day arrived, I was hip to global warming and that was 46 years ago! Meanwhile, the House and the Senate are full of criminals being bribed to deny it; thus, putting all of our lives in danger! What are you going to do about it, America? Anything?


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(c) 2016 Ernest Stewart a.k.a. Uncle Ernie is an unabashed radical, author, stand-up comic, DJ, actor, political pundit and for 14 years was the managing editor and publisher of Issues & Alibis magazine. Visit me on Facebook. Follow me on Twitter.

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