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Burn, Baby, Burn; And Not A Drop To Drink!
If it's not one thing, it's another!
By Ernest Stewart

"The Lake fire, which is 10% contained, continues to rage in Barton Flats as it consumes thousands of drought-stricken trees and burns east toward forestland, there are no reports of fire in this area in 104 years of record-keeping." ~~~ Lyn Sieliet ~ spokeswoman for the U.S. Forest Service.

The thing about global warming is it's not just about the temperature getting warmer, but all the other things that getting warmer triggers. While the West is suffering arid conditions, the Great Lakes are rising from all the extra water we're getting. Michigan, for example, has had only one major burn, and that was back in the 1870's after most all of the old growth forests had been cut down, and what was left caught fire, and burned down half the state. Had the forest been left alone, or harvested wisely, this would've never happened -- because Michigan is a rain forest.

Meanwhile, out West, from California to Alaska, due to rising temperatures and lack of rain, this looks to be the worst fire season ever -- which is saying something as last year in California they had over 7800 fires, causing a billion dollars worth of damage; and this year looks to be worse than that, with one fire alone, the "Lake Fire" consuming over 26,000 acres so far.

Up in Alaska, where their global warming is going gangbusters, there're currently 121 fires burning out of control; and, once the peat moss catches fire, they'll be next to impossible to put out; and, since the permafrost has melted, this looks to be their worst fire season ever!

Meanwhile, in Washington, global warming is being totally ignored with our Sin-ators and Con-gressmen focusing on cutting the taxes for the obscenely rich and cutting programs for the poor! While the rest of the world is fully aware of the problem, and is trying to do what they can to stop global warming. After several thousand died in heat~waves in India in May, their government has called global warming the cause and effect for the heat waves.

It's not that those congressional critters don't have the facts; they do; but choose to ignore them. For example, there's a new report from NASA that states that thanks to global warming, the worlds groundwater is running out! Over a decade-long study of 37 major aquifers worldwide, 21 of them, including the Indus Basin, which supplies much of India's water, showed a depletion of supply.

NASA reports:
"The potential consequences are pretty scary," NASA scientist Matthew Roddell, a lead author of the study says. "At some point, those aquifers will run dry."

The researchers found that California's Central Valley aquifer was the most depleted of all aquifers in the US, because Californians have relied more heavily on drawing groundwater as rainwater has dissipated during California's long drought.

While the study detected the change in groundwater levels, it could not quantify the amount of water remaining in the aquifers. Rodell said this would require drilling into the aquifers themselves, which he supports doing. "We should be monitoring and quantifying how much water is in these aquifers like we do with oil," he says.

Preserving water in aquifers is especially problematic in agricultural areas like India, which relies heavily on water-intensive rice farming. According to Rodell, over 68% of our water supply is used for agriculture. But unlike, say, water used to cool a power plant, water used in agriculture is not recyclable, Rodell explains. "The people who are using the water don't necessarily recognize that it will ever run out. It is used as a resource that will last forever," Rodell says. If we continue with our current consumption practices, he says, "these people and those farmers that rely on that water won't have it anymore."
If that was all that global warming was doing, it'd be bad enough; but those are just two little pieces of the puzzle of the global warming disaster; and as long as we continue to turn our backs to it, it'll only get worse. Like in Florida, which continues to ignore the problem; but when the polar ice caps all melt, most all of Florida will be under water, begging the question, "How long can you tread water, America?"


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