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Hotter Than A Match Head
By Ernest Stewart

"All around, people lookin' half dead.
Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head."
Summer in the City ~~~ Lovin Spoonful

How hot is it? It's so hot, I just saw 2 fire hydrants fighting over a dog! And it's still, just June!

According to The Weather Company, Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari has the official temperature forecast for July through September for the entire U.S.; and he says, "Most of the U.S. will experience above-average temperatures from mid to late summer."

"The most extreme warmth is expected to extend from the northern Rockies to the Great Lakes,"
said Dr. Todd Crawford, chief meteorologist with The Weather Company.
"Given the fact that summers transitioning from El Nino to La Nina get hotter as the summer progresses, this sets a rather interesting tone for the rest of the season.

The trend for above-average temperatures across a large portion of the nation will already be in place by July. The only exceptions -- where temperatures will be a bit below-average -- will be along the Gulf Coast and Florida."
We've been looking at warmer-than-average temperatures during summer months for the last several years; and this is expected to continue for the next several years. You may recall that since the turn of the century, with one exception, each year was hotter than the one before!

"The last six summers have been the hottest six-year stretch in the last 120 years, barely eclipsing the very hot 1930s. We expect that the full La Nina force will come roaring into play by July, and, especially, August. We expect a strongly 'back-loaded' summer with the heat continuing into September," Crawford said.

Typically, La Nina summers feature hotter temperatures from the central U.S. into the Northeast.

Crawford notes that during previous years where rapid changes from El Nino to La Nina occurred, the worst of the summer heat was focused from the northern Plains to the Great Lakes states. Another factor to consider, regarding temperatures this summer, are sea-surface temperatures in the western North Atlantic, which are forecast to be warmer than any time over the past five years.

Overall, computer models indicate widespread warmth with little hint of cooler-than-average temperatures across most of the nation. While others had been sweltering, in Michigan, we've had cool summers after cold winters; so it's about time we get to share what little positive benefits Global Warming has. Currently, Global Warming is bringing winners and losers. If we continue doing nothing, soon it will be nothing but losers!


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