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Got Them Old Sooth Saying Blues Again!
By Ernest Stewart

When you're finished with your ideals
And you're finished with your dreams
When you're finished your crusading and no longer hear the screams
When you're finished trying to picture a world with people free
When you're finished looking up and the down is all you see
Then make your goal the first foxhole
And hide your head beneath your bed

`Cause you won't be alone my friend you know who you'll be with
With persecution, persecution, persecution Smith
Persecution Smith ~~~ Bob Seger

I'm having trouble telling myself to keep telling the truth to people who want to hear everything but the truth. That was something I was long aware of -- but had it shoved down my throat after attacking Obama for doing the very same thing -- only ofttimes worse than what they railed about Bush doing. Yeah, Tweety Bird called those people Hypo-twits!

When Dubya was going down, and his popularity was under 15%, there was a hard core of brain-deads that still defended him; in fact, they still do today. Trouble is, the Obamabots are no different that the Bushbots. Any remaining doubts quickly disappeared when we lost most of our support and half our readership. That triggered our downfall 5 years later -- causing us to quit publishing for simply telling the truth about Barry.

No, you can pull the Sheeple out of the Matrix; but 99% of the time they'll run right back to it and plug themselves back in. It appears that warm, comforting, fuzzy, happy lies are easier to swallow than the cold hard facts and truth. The sooth is the sooth, whether you believe it or not. Gravity is a fact whether you call it that or a theory; truth is truth. If you have any doubts about it, go to the tallest building in your city or town, climb to the top and jump off and no matter what Rush, or Bill or Barry says, you'll soon splatter on the pavement -- so much for your disbelief!

It blows my mind that normal, somewhat, intelligent people can see the truth when their opponents do it, but not when their own tribe does the very same thing. The truth is, both parties, are doing whatever their 1% puppet masters tell them to do; while one may appear to be on our side, that's just for show! Barry rails against the banks, but that's just for show; he gave them tens of billions of dollars to enrich them because the lady who raised Barry, i.e., his Grandmother, was a CIA banker, not to mention that Mom and Dad and Grandpappy were all CIA agents, too -- which explains quite nicely why he acts about the banksters and spies the way he does.

You can't argue against that special kind of stupid that Barry's defenders have; well, you can; but, it does no good. You'd think knowing the truth is a good thing as it can help you avoid the pitfalls of life; you'd think that; but you'd be wrong if you did! Truth is, people don't want to hear the truth; because if they accept it then they'd have to act upon it; and that'd make them get off their couches, pull lose from the Matrix, and get out in the streets and right the wrongs -- if not for themselves, then for their children.

They defend Barry and themselves by saying everyone that hates Barry are racists. Sure, there are a lot of folks that are; but there as many who hate him for what he does. Like the Zionazis in occupied Palestine yell antisemitism every time someone points out there's no real difference between them and Hitler. Not to mention the fact that the Palestinians are Semites, too! No, you're a racist if you point out what Barry's done; and then they trot out a few of the things he did that seemed to help us out. Not caring that most all of them were political decisions having little to do with working for we the people -- but to cover his ass and his party's ass when Election Day draws near. Like his stand against gay marriage, not until the country swung in the direction for everybody having equal rights did he change his position.

I hear them scream "ObamaCare, ObamaCare" when it was just selling us out to the insurance goons. Had he had any interest in actually helping us, he would've given us an option for buying into Medicare -- and not leaving tens of millions out of the program. Although he said Medicare was always on the table -- right up until the time it wasn't. We found out later -- before he even announced ObamaCare -- he'd already taken Medicare off the table before it was brought up. He had to make it a complete sell-out to the insurance goons; when they pull your strings you've got to dance, puppet! Oh, and don't tell me he had to do it that way because of Rethuglicans wouldn't pass it any other way -- not when he controlled both branches of Con-gress -- and hence could've passed anything he wanted to -- and did!

You can make those arguments; but the truth won't sink in; the Sheeple being the Sheeple won't allow it. Why won't they? Because they've been programed not to. Not just them, but their parents, and their parents and their parents, were programed to do whatever the authorities tell them to do. Whether the authorities are politicians, the media, the church, or Mom and Dad. We've been programed so long by so many that it is ingrained in our subconscious; and for most there's no escaping that. No, the 1% will keep going to the bank; and most of us, being their willing slaves, will rise up at the slightest provocation and defend their masters -- defend the happy lies, defend the Matrix. So, for you righteous young folks who know the truth, good luck on your crusade to make your brothers and sisters see the truth for what it is. You're going to need all the luck you can get!


06-29-1952 ~ 07-11-2014
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(c) 2014 Ernest Stewart a.k.a. Uncle Ernie is an unabashed radical, author, stand-up comic, DJ, actor, political pundit and for 13 years was the managing editor and publisher of Issues & Alibis magazine. Visit me on Facebook. Visit the blogs's page on Facebook and like us when you do. Follow me on Twitter.

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