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A firenado forms from a brush fire

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More Good News About Global Warming
By Ernest Stewart

"If you really think the environment is less important than the economy, try holding your breath while you count your money!" ~~~ Dr. Guy McPherson

Here's another benefit of global warming. Did you hear about the 20 cars and trucks on the freeway that went up in flames the other day due to a ranging brush fire? When a brush fire swept over I-15 in California, people were forced to abandoned their cars and trucks and literally run for their lives.

Who benefited from this, you ask? Well, tow truck owners, new and used car dealers, firemen, ambulance drivers, and road crews needed to rebuild the area all got extra overtime! One person's disaster is another person's opportunity! At least that's the way it works in America.

The fire started Friday afternoon in the Cajon Pass along Interstate 15, which is the main highway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and quickly spread to 4000 acres.

U.S. Forest Service spokesman Lee Beyer said, "Hundreds of firefighters, aided by water-dropping aircraft, have contained 5 percent of the blaze.

Strong winds spread the fire to the rural community of Baldy Mesa, where it burned at least five homes and threatened about 50 more."
Fortunately, the remnants of Hurricane Dolores (which had been a 4 in southern Mexico) was just a tropical depression when it gave San Diego an inch of rain, which is, by the way, the most rain they've ever received in July -- since they began keep records in the 1850s! It flooded streets and caused mudslides and helped to extinguish the Cajon Pass fire! However, it did nothing to help the crops or replenish the water table.

That's just part of the trouble, about the negative view of global warming. Perhaps one should take the capitalists view, especially if one is part of the 1%? Have no fear, tea baggers; your masters stand to make a killing on global warming, right up until the time that global warming kills them, too! Think of the millions of folks that'll soon be dropping like flies because of global warming. Think of the $ billions and perhaps $ trillions to be made by the undertakers; mightn't it not be a good time to buy body bag futures? Casket makers are going to be in for a killing; just you wait and see!

All of this, and it's just gotten a couple of degrees warmer than normal. What happens when the thermometer rises an average of 20 degrees? Consider, that of the past 14 years, 13 of them have been the hottest year on record. This year promises to be hottest one yet; and, they're already saying that next year will be hotter still! When the temperature does rise another 20 degrees, have no fear of that happening, because long before it does, most of us will be quite dead. While it may not happen in your life time, it will in our childrens' or our grandchildren's life time; and they'll have to deal with that; because you couldn't be bothered to deal with it now, when it could have been fixed! What will you tell them, when they ask you, "Why, you didn't do something about it, when you could have?" What will you say? Hmmm?


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(c) 2015 Ernest Stewart a.k.a. Uncle Ernie is an unabashed radical, author, stand-up comic, DJ, actor, political pundit and for 13 years was the managing editor and publisher of Issues & Alibis magazine. Visit me on Facebook. Follow me on Twitter.

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