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Where's The Drone Master When We Need Him?
By Ernest Stewart

"The analogy (about ISIS) we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn't make them Kobe Bryant." --- President Obama

When did Barry start taking Tuesday afternoons off? You may recall that on Tuesday afternoon, Barry gathers his cabal together to figure out who they want to murder with a drone strike that week. It's usually some obscure reactionary Muslim or some innocent American teenager that gets the hit put on them for some reason, or for no reason; who knows -- because they're not telling anyone. This has been going on in the Obama junta since Day One and continues to this day; or, at least, I thought so....

With all the innocents that he's killed, mostly by being too close to a target -- but, sometimes, just for the hell of it, you'd've thought that one of those targeted would've been the ISIS head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. If anyone deserves death from above, it appears to be al-Baghdadi. Unlike the American targets who only dared to speak out about our various mass murders, al-Baghdadi, who gets his kicks by killing everyone who doesn't believe exactly, and, I mean exactly, as he does -- kind of like various southern governors would have it if they could! Abu has left a trail of beheaded fellow Muslims in his wake, some of them had their death filmed and put on the Internet. He likes nailing Christians up on crosses and Zeus help them if he ever finds a Jew! Ergo, if anyone ever deserved a messy death it is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi!

As our every step is being watched, our every key stroke on our computers and conversations on phones are being taken down, every conversation between you and grandma Mary is in the record book; and our every trip across town to the grocery store is being noted and what we purchase there goes into their computers, one might suppose Barry knows the exact location of al-Baghdadi. You know he's being watched all of the time, day or night; there must be an eye in the sky following his every move, so WTF? Why isn't Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi history? When did we run out of drones?

Maybe it's pure speculation, but I think I might know the answer? Perhaps since we backed him in Syria and gave him those hundreds of trucks and most all of his weaponry, it might be because he, like Osama bin Laden before him, is just doing what we told him to do, i.e. cause mayhem for our purposes. You can't keep going to war if there's no enemy to fight; there are a lot of American billionaires that'll never become trillionaires unless there is a never-ending war to fuel their bank accounts; and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is just the latest in a long line of American-sponsored boogiemen to frighten the Sheeple with; and, like always, it's working. Barry is back bombing for peace and both sides of the aisle are cheering him on and on.

One of the benefits of the drone war is that it frees up a lot of army surplus trucks, tanks, and suchlike that can be given away to local police forces. Who needs peace officers when we can turn them all into "jack-booted thugs" to turn peaceful American towns and cities into the aftermath of Fallujah -- just as they're currently doing down in Missouri. Just the thing to stop a slave rebellion -- whether in Iraq or America. Of course, if even this is not enough, then call out the National Guard who's had plenty of training in slave suppressions in Iraq and Afghanistan; and just like here, in all of Africa! Perhaps Fergusson is just the experience the Guard needs before they're deployed to Djibouti to settle the slaves back down there? I'm so old, I remember when many major American cities were burning; and the Guard was machine-gunning people with their tank-mounted 50 caliber machine guns. Then like now, it was the black folks being murdered to teach the rest a lesson. I'm just surprised that more of the slaves in other cities aren't revolting! Shouldn't New York, Camden, Detroit, Chicago, L.A., and Oakland be revolting, too? Zeus knows, they have every right!


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