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Lake Mead shows the depth of the drought

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What You Gonna Do When The Well Runs Dry?
By Ernest Stewart

What you gonna do when the well runs dry?
You gonna run away and hide
I'm gonna run right by your side
For you pretty baby I'll even die
I'm Walking ~~~ Fats Domino

While our attention has been turned to wars both foreign and domestic, the drought continues in the West -- where in the last year alone we've lost over 63 trillion gallons of water. I'm going to repeat that again, for those of you on drugs!

"How long can you go without drinking water?"

This has happened for two reasons: one, no rain or snow; and two, the influx of millions of people moving to the desert. In an effort to keep all these people wet, we've been pumping a like amount of water from underground sources. Water that has laid dormant for thousands of years; when this has all been used up, the people will have to move back to areas with water -- either that or die.

Farmers throughout the region are drilling deeper and deeper to sustain their crops, one of our major sources for food; when that's gone, so are we! We could, of course, build giant desalination plants and get our water from the sea; but there are close to 38,000,000 people in California alone, not to mention all the crops that demand water; and to do so would surely bankrupt the economy; and the blowback from that alone would make America a third-world country. Those poisonous GMO crops have an added "benefit;" they do very poorly in drought situations; they need more water to grow than regular crops, and twice as much as organics. Global warming is a bitch, no matter what Big Coal, Barry, and our bought-and-paid for members of Con-gress say; and it's only going to get worse, and worse; because we refuse to face facts, and do something about it!

All throughout the West, the land is beginning to rise up as there is no longer any water to hold it down. Some fear this in itself may trigger earthquakes like the 6.1 the other day in California. Lake Mead's water level, for example, has dropped over 100 feet; that's a 75-year low due to the eleven-year-long drought in the Colorado Basin. This has triggered 100's of minor quakes throughout the area. According to researchers from UC San Diego's Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the U.S. Geological Survey, "...the loss of groundwater, as well as surface water such as reservoirs, has been so extreme that it's lifted the West an average of one-sixth of an inch since 2013." California, the center for extreme drought, has risen over 3/5ths of an inch.

The study, published online Thursday by the journal Science, shows how a lack of rain and snow cut water levels first in the U.S. Southwest and Central and Southern California, before spreading into Oregon and Washington state. Water naturally evaporates, is absorbed by plants and is pumped by humans, so levels go down if the water is not replenished.

Scripps assistant researcher Adrian Borsa, the study's lead author, says, "The thing that is exceptional about this drought is that it really covers the entire region of the Western U.S. I can't tell you whether this is as big as earlier droughts, but I would say within the last 10 years, this is definitely an unprecedented change with this drought." Another "benefit" of this drought is the recurring giant dust storms throughout the West, just as big as anything they had in those dustbowl 1930's. Then come fires burning down half of some states and each year they come ever earlier and then, when it does rain, comes mudslides, as all that burnt land can no longer hold the soil in place!

According to the study "the lost water is equal to a 4-inch layer of water across the United States west of the Rocky Mountains." Meanwhile, back in the Midwest, we've had so much rain and snow that the Great Lakes are beginning to rise while our populations are falling. Can you see the great Midwest migration that's about to happen? Who could have imagined 30 years ago a return migration to the "rust-belt?" I can deal with another polar vortex, if it means I won't die of thirst; how about you, America?


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