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Climate Deniers Are Beginning To Feel Like A Christian Scientist With Appendicitis
By Ernest Stewart

"We have met the enemy and he is us." ~~~ Pogo

The weather has been a real bitch in Arizona as of late. On Saturday, they had a "tsunami of a dust storm" followed by the most rain since Phoenix began record-keeping in 1895. The storm, brought on by tropical moisture from the former Hurricane Norbert, brought "more rain than Phoenix typically sees in an entire monsoon season," the National Weather Service excitedly tweeted on Monday. The American Southwest's monsoon season generally lasts from July until mid-September.

Monsoon seasons not only bring rains, they also bring dust storms, or "haboobs." Phoenix sees several haboobs every year, driven by strong winds from a moving thunderstorm that blows up dry desert sand.

Fernanda Santos of the New York Times wrote in August: "The best way to explain a haboob is to say it is a tsunami of sand, in the sense that there is no stopping it or outrunning it. It is a supreme spectacle."

For the last 40 years in the American Southwest, dust storms like Saturday's in Phoenix have been steadily on the rise, according to a University of Colorado study published last year and funded by the National Science Foundation. The increases in dust, according to the study, can be attributed to "a combination of factors, more storms with high winds, more drought, land use changes, and even more construction projects." Cities like Phoenix are especially susceptible because it's mostly sand and cement, adding to the already-rising temps.

Alyson Kenward described it for Climate Central: "Hotter average temperatures mean the region could become even drier than it is already, making it harder for perennial grasses and plants to thrive. Without these grasses to keep the soil intact, it's a lot easier for wind to pick the dust up off the ground." Just like the bad farming habits of the 1920s made for the dust bowls of the 1930s.

As for extreme precipitation and flooding events, scientists agree that those can be made worse by global warming.

The way this happens is relatively simple: As carbon dioxide is emitted from burning fossil fuels and destroying tropical forests, it traps heat in the atmosphere. As the trapped heat raises the planet's average temperature, the heat evaporates water from the ocean and soil, putting moisture into the air and priming the soil for dust storms!

Another problem with global warming is it changes weather patterns, a good example might be last winter's polar vortex -- which I've heard is here to stay. It may come back to the Midwest or appear over England and Europe, or over Russia and China.

As global temperatures rise, "the atmosphere then holds more moisture, about 4 percent more per degree of temperature increase. Therefore, there is more water vapor available to fall as rain, snow, or hail when storms occur." Hence, climate change causes heavier snowfall, something the deniers have a hard time grasping with their tiny little brains, especially when fed great amounts of bullshit by the main stream media and their puppet-masters, the coal burning power companies, which are one of the main causes of global warming. Something that even China, with its economy driven by coal, is beginning to grasp; it's a pity that we haven't grasped it yet!


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