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Could This Be The Beginning Of The End Of The Gulf Stream?
By Ernest Stewart

"These global warming studies are a bunch of snake oil science." ... Sarah Palin

I got some real bad news for northern Europe and the British Isles and such. Scientists are saying that a record-setting area of cold water in the North Atlantic, revealed by recent National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) data, could be a sign that climate change is causing the gulf stream current to weaken. Did you ever wonder why England and Scotland that are so far north don't have the same frigid weather that other countries sharing the same latitude have? It's because of the Gulf Stream! Shut down the flow of all that warm water flowing from the Gulf of Mexico, and watch the temperatures drop like a rock!

Deke Arndt, who is chief of the climate monitoring branch at NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information, confirmed the cold temperatures are not a fluke, stating:
"For the grid boxes in darkest blue, they had their coldest Jan-Aug on record, and in order for a grid box to be 'eligible' for that map, it needs at least 80 years of Jan-Aug values on the record."
Prior studies have predicted such a trend. Climate scientists Stefan Rahmstorf (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research) and Michael Mann (Penn State) published a paper in the March issue of Nature Climate Change which found that the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, or AMOC, aka the Gulf Stream, is growing weaker.

The scientists hypothesized that "conspicuous cooling" in the northern Atlantic could be due to a reduction in the AMOC over the twentieth century and particularly after 1970." A contributor to this trend is the "melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet," which they say is infusing the area with cold, fresh water, which is then interfering with the interplay between the varying temperatures and levels of salinity that drive the current.
"I was formerly somewhat skeptical about the notion that the ocean 'conveyor belt' circulation pattern could weaken abruptly in response to global warming. Yet this now appears to be underway, as we showed in a recent article, and as we now appear to be witnessing before our very eyes in the form of an anomalous blob of cold water in the sub-polar North Atlantic," Mann continued.
If the Greenland ice sheet goes, there will be many consequences, including rising seas for the U.S. East Coast and, cooling temperatures in the North Atlantic and Europe.

A paper written in July by former NASA scientist James Hansen and 16 other prominent climate researchers speculated:
"If the ocean continues to accumulate heat and increase melting of marine-terminating ice shelves of Antarctica and Greenland, a point will be reached at which it is impossible to avoid large scale ice sheet disintegration with sea level rise of at least several meters."
You may recall what happened when Hurricane Sandy hit NYC; now imagine what would happen when the tide rises a couple of meters. Sandy flooded a great portion of Manhattan with a tide surge that was less than two meters. This would mean that every normal high tide would flood Manhattan worse than Sandy did. Even without a storm this would make most of Manhattan uninhabitable as it would in all of southern Florida and other East Coast cities! How long can you tread water, America?


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