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Reporters look at vehicles stuck on a road after being trapped by a mudslide
on California Highway 58 in Mojave on Saturday. Mark Ralston /AFP/Getty Images

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Be Warned: Nothing Can Change The Shape Of Things To Come!
By Ernest Stewart

"The Shape Of Things To Come." ~~~ Max Frost & The Troopers

As a lad, I fully bought into the California craze; and couldn't wait to get out there. First, it was the Mickey Mouse Club with Annette and her tiny little breasts; and, as any eight year old boy will tell you, boobies are way cool! Then came the Beach Boys and other California bands; and I was hooked. It was utopia with warm sunshine, surf, and bikini-clad surfer girls. What's not to like? But, in every Garden of Eden, there are snakes. For example, that constant rumble of Mother Earth, the wild fire seasons, not to mention the right-wing morons that ran the state; and yes, Deputy Dan has no friends! Let's not forget the human monsters that were always running amok. On my first "trip," Charlie Manson was on the loose -- and gutting pregnant women! Sure, the San Francisco music scene was happening, and you could dig it, if the cops or Hell Angels didn't get you first!

On the second day of my second "trip," some lunatics kidnapped a whole busload of kids and buried them alive in their school bus! On average, we had an earthquake at least once a month with many just a few blocks from our in-town house in Hollywood; and, at the beachhouse in Malibu, whole neighborhoods on the cliffs above us were burning to the ground; and a good rain would cause the cliff behind the house to cave in! Since those daze, it's only gotten worse. Not only is Governor Moonbeam back in office, but El Nino's back in town!

You might think with California's 4-year drought that an El Nino storm would be welcomed; but if you did, you'd be wrong for two reasons. With the drought, the water isn't absorbed, but simply runs off; and with the fires burning down much of rural California when it rains, the hills turn to mud, and slide on down into civilization -- but also onto busy freeways! Unfortunately, this wasn't an El Nino storm, but just a run-of-the-mill thunderstorm. El Nino storms tend to be far worse.

Last week strong thunderstorms caused massive mudslides that left vehicles on Highway 58 under up to 6 feet of mud. CBS reported:
"On Friday, rescuers and those stranded in the highway debris flow described a chaotic scene that somehow left no reported injuries or deaths.

'It was terrifying,' 51-year-old Rhonda Flores of Bakersfield told The Associated Press. 'It was a raging river of mud. I've never experienced anything like it, ever.'

Rescuers threw ladders and tarps across mud up to 6 feet deep to help the hundreds of trapped people from cars that got caught in the roiling river of mud along State Route 58 about 30 miles east of Bakersfield, a major trucking route, California Highway Patrol officials said."
One of the storms that caused mudslides in Antelope Valley is being described as a 1,000-year rain event, because it dropped 1.81 inches of rain in just under 30 minutes.

The bad news, meteorologists say, is that it could be a sign of the kind of chaos El Nino could bring. John Dumas, a weather service meteorologist, said:
"The storm was not related to El Nino, the warm weather pattern that experts say is expected to produce heavy rain in California this winter, but these storms offer a preview of what's to come.

The last major El Nino to hit California, in the late 1990s, caused deadly flooding, mudslides and other problems. Across Southern California, officials are racing to clear debris basins and make other preparations so that the region's flood-control systems can combat the expected El Nino downpours."
The trouble is, this rain event may not be the once in a 1,000 years rain event, but merely the shape of things to come on a regular basis! Global warming's a bitch, huh?


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