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Terrorism And Global Warming
By Ernest Stewart

"Climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism. And if we do not get our act together and listen to what the scientists say ... you're going to see all kinds of international conflict." ~~~ Bernie Sanders

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders believes global warming is the greatest threat to America's national security, concluding that carbon dioxide emissions are more dangerous than terrorists. Something that I've held to be true since the 1970s!

"If we are going to see an increase in drought, in flood, and extreme weather disturbances as a result of climate change, what that means is that people all over the world are going to be fighting over limited natural resources," Sanders told CBS' "Face the Nation" Sunday, doubling-down on remarks he made during the Democratic presidential debate Saturday night.

"If there is not enough water, if there is not enough land to grow your crops, then you're going to see migrations of people fighting over land that will sustain them. And that will lead to international conflict," Sanders said.

Sanders, who's in the running for the Democratic nomination, isn't the only politician to make the connection between conflict and climate. Sanders' primary opponents, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, have repeatedly stated global warming contributed the Syrian Civil War, and, therefore, the rise of the Islamic State. Meanwhile, most Rethuglicans while spouting their puppet masters' rhetoric, beat the global warming deniers' drum.

Even Barry has finally come to see the light, saying that "global warming is the U.S.'s greatest national security threat."

Secretary of State John Kerry said in an October speech: "It is not a coincidence that immediately prior to the civil war in Syria, the country experienced the worst drought on record."

Sanders and other politicians acknowledge "terrorism is a major issue that we've got to address today, but still name rising carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels as representing the greatest long-term threat to Americans," an increasingly popular truth as United Nations climate summit approaches. Bernie went on to say:
"In fact, climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism. And if we do not get our act together and listen to what the scientists say, you're gonna see countries all over the world - this is what the C.I.A. says, they're gonna be struggling over limited amounts of water, limited amounts of land to grow their crops. And you're gonna see all kinds of international conflict."
The U.N. global warming summit will be held in Paris, which suffered a massive terrorist attack Friday. A group of ISIS gunmen and suicide bombers killed more than 120 people in a series of attacks launched across the French capital.

The attack has cast a cloud over the summit; but environmentalists say the terror attacks have only made it more likely countries will back an international agreement to cut carbon dioxide emissions. Even French officials want a climate treaty to be signed, despite the attacks.

"Nations will be more likely to work closely with France to produce a constructive outcome," said former U.S. diplomat Nigel Purvis.

Time Magazine chimed in saying: "Many academics and national security experts agree that climate change contributes to an uncertain world where terrorism can thrive." Time's Justin Worland pointed to a 2014 Defense Department report and another study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences earlier this year to bolster his reasoning. Justin said:
"The worst drought on record in the Middle Eastern country has created instability for farmers and threatened the food supply. At the same time, the government has struggled to hold on to power across the country in the face of militant groups and millions of Syrians have fled their homeland."
Starting to see the big picture on global warming, America? I hope so!


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