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The Big Global Warning Show Kicks Off In Paris
By Ernest Stewart

"I come here personally as the leader of the world's biggest economy and second-biggest emitter to say that America not only acknowledges its role in climate change but embraces doing something about it." ~~~ President Obama

A lot of folks have high hopes for this climate meeting; now, I don't want to be Mr. Buzz Kill; but, for me, not so much. Sure, Barry actually showed up for this one -- something he's never done before; but, methinks it has more to do with politics than purpose. He knows with all the countries attending and the sacrifices that must be made in order to reverse global warming that most aren't up for the sacrifices, especially the big polluters, like us, and that nothing of substance will come from this. However, it allows the Demoncrats to hold it over the Rethuglicans, each of whom seems to be trying to out deny one another, except for Christie who gets it, that this time it's man-made. Of course, it doesn't stop him from forgetting that it wasn't Muslims that were overjoyed about 9/1 as The Donald lied, but some Israeli Jews that were seen jumping up and down and laughing as the towers fell. You may recall it was the celebrating Jews that got arrested in New Jersey, and not any Muslims.

While it is true that taking the first step of this "long journey" is obviously necessary, not to mention, long overdue; and so it is worth maintaining some optimism and positive thinking; what is less clear is whether Nature will be as patient and understanding; my guess is it won't! Just to be sure, in Paris, home of liberty, the people aren't being allowed to have a voice; climate protesters are being arrested, or placed under house arrest to keep them from marching. So much for liberty, eh? As Spirit sang way back in 1970 in Natures Way, Mother Nature has been telling us for decades that "Something's Wrong!"

What the international community seems to be forgetting is that the environment is governed by natural forces; so we cannot continue to postpone meaningful action on tackling climate change. Indeed, it's clear that the effects of climate change are already taking hold in major ways, and are only expected to get worse, with large parts of the planet potentially rendered uninhabitable.

Yet, an uninhabitable planet is what we should expect if participants in Paris fail to reach an ambitious and binding agreement this month that puts science and nature ahead of politics and profits. In this sense, the 40,000 negotiators engaging in two weeks of discussions and horse-trading in Paris are not really negotiating with each other, but with Mother Nature. And the fact is, there's no reason to think that Mother Nature is willing to wait for Humanity to start drastically reducing its carbon output.

As one analyst explained, "Emissions reductions are barely on the table at all in Paris, with the talks essentially rigged to ensure an agreement is reached regardless of how little action countries plan to take." This is because each submission for the reduction of carbon output is at the discretion of individual countries, "there is no objective standard it must meet or emissions reduction it must achieve."

In fact, only Mexico submitted an INDC by the initial deadline of March 30! The US sent their's in a day later. Most countries submitted no plans, while a few submitted one before the September 30 cut-off. What I fear is this meeting is just for covering political asses, instead of saving the people. You may've noticed I said people and not the planet. Once we're gone, the planet will cure itself; that's what it does if let alone to do it! It may take 20,000 years -- by which time most cities and and man-made things will have returned to Nature!

Of course, I could be wrong; and I hope I am; but, I rather doubt it. There's far too much money to be made to make any serious cuts, especially since 99% of US politicians, from Barry on down, are nothing more than puppets for their 1% masters, viz., the polluters who are causing most of this disaster!


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