The Trouble With Earthlings

A micro story from my sci-fi/fantasy/horror collection,
"He Never Came Back"!

"The trouble with Earthlings; how would you say it, well they're just too damn curious! They're always sticking their noses into everybody's business except their own. They're going to destroy the entire solar system some day unless they are stopped."

"Does the Senator have any suggestions?" A purple clad Praetorian said as he stroked his magnificent tail.

"Yes, as a matter of fact I do, General Steggisit. I would like his majesty and the council to consider the following suggestions. One: we give the Earth a final warning that unless it withdraws and keeps out of our section of space we will destroy all human forms of life in the solar system. Two: if they don't immediately comply with our warning we will do just that. Those General Steggisit are my suggestions."

"Isn't that a bit severe a punishment for what Earthlings did, Senator?"

Deep in his throne sat the king. Clad in his heavy battle harness and crown, absent mindedly flicking just the tip of his tail to and fro as he listened to the debate of his council.

The junior Senator; from Sllewgh, the smallest of the seven cities of Mars, spoke up to ask the question on most of the Senators minds, "What could the Earthlings have done this time to warrant their destruction?"

Just as the General was going to reply the king awoke out of his lethargy and interrupted him by saying, "Yes, what indeed have they done this time. They have all but destroyed this planet. They've built their city while almost destroying the city of Vomisa. They daily pollute our air with their oxygen. One would almost think they were trying to change the atmosphere. What, pray tell, have they done now?"

The general turned and with a low sweeping bow addressed his king. "Forgive me sire I thought you knew. One week ago the Earthlings descended upon our colony on the first moon and utterly destroyed it. They managed to kill or capture the entire colony. They've taken all two hundred and fifty of them into there space craft and have begun to do horrible experiments on them. Apparently your majesty, they radiated some of the bodies and then ate them. We only learned of this a few moments ago when a lone female child escaped and managed to send a report. That your highness is what requires their destruction. All your majesty has to do is give the word and I will personally see to it."

As the king sat listening to his generals report, his mouth slowly opened and his lips pulled back exposing row upon row of gleaming teeth. The king then spoke with an evil hiss in his voice, "Stand by General Steggisus I may soon have need of you. Senator Cameleus if what General Steggisus says is true, then send forth messengers to the Earthling city and give them one rotation to pack up and leave or face the consequences. Go under flag of truce and carry no weapons or armor. We have been at peace for over 10,000 cycles and I hesitate to break that peace but enough is enough!"

Senator Cameleus bowed to the throne and quickly left with his aides to do the kings bidding. As he left a hundred voices rang out as the Senate began arguing this point or that.

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The king sat back to await the outcome of his couriers message The general din grew to a roar until the chamber door opened and a bedraggled courier entered. All was quiet until the assembly gasped as one as they noticed that part of his tail was missing. He stumbled before the thrown and bowed low before the king.

"Your majesty," he said as he gasped for breath.

"What is the Earthlings reply, said the king?"

"Before we could even talk to them we were attacked and all killed or captured except I, who managed to escape, sire" he replied.

"Not without certain sacrifices," mused the king with a smile that once again showed his row upon row of glistening teeth.

His smile quickly faded as he turn to face his council and said, "Yes Senator Cameleus we will indeed wipe these humans from the Solar System. Excuse me gentlemen but I must join my generals. Good day," and with a swish of his tail he was gone.

"Mars Probe One calling Phobos landing party, come in, over."

"This is Phobos landing party, over."

"How's the survival test going, Jim? Over."

"It's going great Captain. We've run into the same life forms we found on Mars sir but not in as great a number. I'm afraid some of them were killed during capture and I'm sorry to report that some of the carcasses were cleaned and microwaved by some of the hungrier members of the crew. They're currently being watched over by Doc but they seem to be all right. Over."

"Found any little green men, Commander? Over."

"No sir, just these little green or purple lizards. Over."

"Found any intelligent life forms, Jim? Over."

"No Captain, just the lizards and some red moss. Over."

"Well pack up Jim and bring your expedition back to Bradbury City. Over"

"Yes sir. We'll dock with the orbiting station in six hours. Phobos landing party, over and out."

First officer James Campbell looked up into space where the Earth was but a bright blue speck. To think mankind had come this far in space in just the sixty years since Apollo 11. He smiled to himself and continued gazing at the Earth as it along with Mars Probe One and all of her crew, disappeared in a blinding flash of light!


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