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Writing is like a sewer.
What you get out of it depends on what you put into it!

Are you Jaded, Tired and Bored? Are you looking for new worlds to explore? Then come and play in some of mine. Come and sit for a SPELL and let me take you away from your drab, retched life, into worlds of Fantasy, Horror, Science-Fiction and Real Life Adventure. Pack a lunch and spend the day.

My latest book is the historical horror novel,

The Red King's Horror

It's the story of the Great Spirits revenge for the massacre of the tribes during "Prince Phillips War" or "The Red Kings Rebellion" of 1675 - 1677. Set in 1702 - 1703 it follows the adventures of a young English lord who is charged with solving the brutal and grisly murders that occur every month on the full moon. Join Captain Sir James Wilson and his trusty servant Patsy as they search old New England for The Red King's Horror.
This is now available via Amazon.

Here's part one of my autobiography,

Uncle Ernie's Hollywood Daze

This is the story of my experiences working in Hollywood for The Gap Band, Buddy Miles and other bands. You'll snort cocaine with O.J. Simpson. Drop acid with Dr. Timothy Leary. Listen in as Dewy Martin offers me $10,000.00 to kill Stephen Stills. Watch as the former congressman from California, (Sonny Bono) becomes a drunken, stumbling bum, night after night over Cher. Read Cher's notes to her whore hopping husband, (Greg Allman), as she carries his baby, while he nails everything in town. Spend a charming little weekend with some of LA's finest Cannibals. Hang out with Mafioso's, white slavers, and sexual deviants of every stripe. Join JFK and Peter Lawford in the Oval Office to snort cocaine. Watch Keith Moon destroy The Crazy Horse Saloon. Find out who murdered Jimi Hendrix and why. Come with me into all this madness and react with me as if we're Alice in Wonderland, because we are.
Warning, this book contains sex, drugs, rock and roll and the truth! This is now available via Amazon

My sci-fi/fantasy/horror anthology is,

He Never Came Back.

It consists of a collection of short stories, micro stories and a novelette some of which appear on this site. Directly below the title story, "He Never Came Back" in the 'Site Linx' section are nine other stories from the book designated by blinking red lights. Please feel free to browse that section and send me any thoughts or critiques you might have.
Warning: many of the stories contained in this book are of an adult nature and may not be suitable for children.

Read my latest column,

Issues & Alibis.

Coming Soon...

Notes From The American Underground

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